Re-think School Relationships.

Who are your best Salespersons?

More New Relationships are Forming

Again referring to this article by Jayson Richardson can we be thinking about changing the relationships within the school community. 

“Your worst customer [student] is your best friend”.
What if leaders of schools looked at those students who are performing worst and treated them as allies? These students know what is not working in the system and probably have lots of great ideas about what could be done to improve things.  On the flip side, Jarvis says that “Your best customer [student] is your partner” (p. 22). Ensuring that students are happy and getting the education they want / desire / deserve makes them happy customers. These customers / students are the best salespersons of the school. What we do now is say to students that we, as leaders, know what is best for all students’ futures. This is despite the fact that we have no idea what the future holds or what specific skills they will need for jobs that simply do not exist yet. This has been discussed here,here, and here.
Does this idea of the “worst students are your best friends” link somehow to the Ross Greene reading Lost at School?  Your thoughts? 
Does it connect to the Mass Customized Learning model that the state is exploring?  

photo credit: misterbisson via photopin cc


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