Give People Control

I was trying to find a way for us to have discussions online about issues we need to share.

Please add to the discussion with your ideas and comments below. Here is some food for thought. Choose one or all the questions and share your thoughts and ideas.

New Relationships are Forming

“Give the people control and we will use it. Don’t and you will lose it”. 
Are school leaders losing students (i.e., as physical, emotional, or intellectual dropouts) simply because they are trying to control the system?
What would happen if students and teachers had more control over the learning process?
What if these stakeholders controlled what they learn, when they learn, how they learn, and why they learn it?
Co-collaboration / co-learning / co-construction could be the norm. 

photo credit: woodleywonderworks via photopin cc


One response to “Give People Control

  1. I feel that we are being given some control at this point in time and feel that it is important that we do something with it. With support from our superintendent and principal we seem to have an opportunity to make some positive changes. Changes that we feel are key in developing an outstanding program, one that is envied and catches the eyes and minds of students, of parents, of the community of this area.
    What if we could couple the natural attraction of this town with an exemplary education program that would attract students and families from not only the area but from other counties and other states? What could that do for the town and our school on the hill, our community, our local economy?

    It is a dream but I feel that today is a good day for dreaming.

    I look forward to hearing other’s dreams and criticism around these ideas.

    Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day

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