Your presence and its value!?

This is a great post about education networks, both individual and community, and the important role that they can play for our teaching and learning. I am trying to get myself up to speed on networking but find it a challenge at times.

The post looks at the added value that one brings to their professional community by having a network and presence on the internet.

“Think about that for a minute. Is your social presence, your social network, worth something? Absolutely!”

Jeff illustrates a few ideas on the value of that network. It is something that I have been working on and thought might be interesting for others to think about. I feel that if I can get it going I can have my own Professional Learning Community on the web. By posting on a blog, reading other blogs and commenting I can get a network that can help me with my teaching. Just by being there I am getting “value” and resources that I could not get other ways. Presence is the key, at what ever level you might be comfortable with. The blog roll on the left of this blog is an example of some of the blogs that I read.

Think about it! What value might it have for you?


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