Did You Know?

If you have not seen this here it is!


4 responses to “Did You Know?

  1. Am planning to advocate to the school board at the December 17th meeting how _much_ we need new laptops for K-5 staff and 4-5 students. I am hoping to gather from everyone exactly how and how much you all use your laptops and therefore their value at a staff meeting o 12/11.
    Am wondering if you think it would help to show the board the “Did you know video?” And which points I/we might bring out?

  2. Leave your comments here! Thanks.

    I think that to share this video with the board would be a great way to illustrate some of the education/tech issues that we will face in the near future.

  3. Carol, I use my laptop to provide learning opportunities for students via programs or games, to keep up with the e-mail, to print certificates for students when they pass a Lexia level, to store documents I’ll need to reuse, to do special education paperwork, and to create visuals, behavior plans, or papers for students. I also take photos of student activites and print them for them, to reinforce the learning. I am limited by the fact that my c omputer is aging, and may fail soon, according to Steve. Furthermore, it cannot handle the program update for a program I use extensively for the kindergarten curriculum.

  4. Carol, I think the video is great and would add to your cause. Just as Jan has noted, I use my laptop in many of the same ways. In addition, teachers need their laptops to enter grades. One great feature is that I can do this from home as well (with my laptop). I also feel that my laptop is outdated and inadequate for the amount that I use it. As for the 4th and 5th grade shared cart, additional laptops would really enrich our teaching. I use the laptops dialy for Lexia, Type to Learn, and Writing. I also use them for a variety of projects/research in all subjects. Availablity is sometimes an issue. They are a great teaching tool that I would use more often if they were more readily available.
    I have placed a copy of a paper I wrote after reading “Redefining Literacy for the 21st Century” by David F. Warlick in your mailbox. I hope that it may help you with some talking points when you present to the school board. Feel free to copy, read, note, and use the paper any way it may be helpful. Thanks for advocating for such an important cause. Technology is the future, and we need to prepare our students for it!

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